Introducing Sleep Logic... A store for branded mattresses and Furnitures

A good night’s sleep is one that rejuvenates body, mind and soul for the day ahead. Sleep Logic gives you lots of ways to do that, each with features that make the best sense for you and where you are in your life. Choose from our value-priced Refresh sleep sets, the premium Spring mattresses or ultra-premium Memory foam mattresses of KURL ON & SLEEPWELL‘s different models to provide an extraordinary night’s sleep.

At Sleep Logic, we view sleep a little differently. A mattress that instinctively “knows” and provides the kind of support to your body needs. A mattress that will last longer, and help you wake up feeling like a new person - every single day. A mattress actually created to promote better health.

Product Range

Kurlon, Sleepwell
Kurlon, Zuari
Sleepwell and other brands